Ahimsa Herbal Cooperative
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A cooperative is a corporation that is owned and operated by its customers and employees for the benefit of the members. As such, it is unique in that the primary obligation is to the customers rather than the bottom line. Products are priced in accordance with actual costs, including overhead, and patronage refunds are issued on the basis of purchasing volume.

The idea behind Ahimsa Co-op is to demonstrate a business model that is not only ethical but also environmentally responsible. As such, the founders intend to play a leading role in promoting sustainable agriculture, Earth trusteeship, fair trade, and impeccable financial ethics.

While the initial "store" is to be devoted to herbs and personal care items that are free of chemical contaminants and genetically modified components, the ultimate limit is set by the imagination of the members. If you would like to stay informed of the progress of the unfoldment of this venture, please use the subscription form below.

Thank you!